The McQuaig System™

The McQuaig System™ is a suite of 12 easy to use Psychometric Tools that can be deployed across an organisation is a broad range of roles.  The system is web based and can be used on a desktop, compatible with Mac OS and PC,  or most mobile devices, iOS or Android, by both the Administrator and End User. 

The system was first published in 1966 following over 15 years of research and development in the field of Executive Selection by Jack H. McQuaig, the founder of The McQuaig Institute of Executive Development, based in Toronto, Canada.  The system has been continuously monitored, updated, developed and expanded since then.

The McQuaig System™ was introduced to Ireland by Joe McGrane in 1986, where it has since grown to become an integral part of the success story of many Irish businesses, large and small.  The fact that several of our clients have been steadfast customers since that time is testament to its reliability and effectiveness.

System Overview

Define the Job - Benchmark

Searching for a needle in a haystack may be a challenge, but if you don't know what kind of needle you are looking for, you may end up with a blunt knitting needle instead of a sharp sewing needle.

Defining the Role and the Ideal Person to fill it is the starting point of any business journey, whether it be Recruitment & Selection, Building Teams or Leading People.

The Labour Market in Ireland is full of Talented People, but only the right talented people will be right for your business.

It all starts with having the right people in the right roles and the foundation of those selection decisions lies in the quality of your definition, not just of the skills, knowledge and experience you are looking for, but also defining the type of person you are looking for, how you will manage them and how they will go about doing their job.

Recruit & Select

The typical success rate of a recruitment and selection process without a rigorous approach is not much more than 50%.

By making use of a quality suite of selection tools, techniques and processes you can push your success rate out to about 75%.  That's a 50% improvement in performance.

A 50% improvement in the quality of your new hires will push out standards of performance, excellence and output.  This overall improvement has a direct impact on your bottom line by delivering higher success in achieving goals and targets across all areas of the business.

With each successive, successful hire you are boosting performance and profitability across your business.  Each small increment in performance adds up each year.

Development & Leadership

The Leadership and Development of talented people is one of the greatest challenges facing a business today.

Talented people demand high standards from themselves and from those around them.  They will leave if they feel that others are holding them back.

The McQuaig System Tools will provide your leaders with the insights to continually address the needs of their teams, while at the same time developing their ability to deliver results that count.

Employee Retention

When you can hold onto your best people and keep them engaged with your business, the world can be your oyster.

The McQuaig System Tools will give your Leaders and Managers the insight into their teams to manage, lead, develop and motivate them effectively.

The retention of the knowledge, skills and experience of your hard won talented team is the final piece in the jig-saw of success.

Talented people attract talented people.  Every time you increase your pool of talent, you make it easier to attract your next top performer.