Our Partners

Feel free to browse through our Partners Page or visit their website.  Our Partners are all McQuaig Certified and experienced users of the system in their particular field of service.  Feel free to give us a call if you would like an introduction.  We won't charge you or our Partners for this service.

Boyd HR

Boyd HR have been a Consulting Partner of ours for many years.  They provide a complete range of Human Resource Services throughout the North West of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

TSS Training

TSS Training operate nationwide, providing off-the-shelf and bespoke training and support services in the areas of Management, Sales, Customer Service, Communications and as a support to your Recruitment & Selection function.

SME Matters

SME Matters are a long standing partner of ours, operating in the Dublin and North East area providing a broad range of strategic and development services to business.www.smematters.ie


Our Key Mission is to Enable Line/Functional Managers to take an Effective Leadership Role in all Employee Relations Matters, by being Sensible and Employment Law Compliant with: HR Policies, Practices and Procedures, Terms and Conditions of Employment, Recruitment and Psychometrics, Performance Management Systems, Organisational and Employee Development, Personal Management Development, Change Management Projects, Employment Investigations, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Third Party Negotiations.  Contact: ajomarahr@gmail.com

De Valk Leadership

De Valk Leadership Company provides Brain & mind leadership training and coaching. DVLC helps people to manage their brain. People understand themselves and each other more easily when they are aware of how the brain works. You can expect improved focus, effectiveness, and empathy as a result of Brain & mind leadership training.www.devalkleadershipcompany.ie